Monday, May 5, 2014

Transformational Questions

Questions asked and my answers to them.

Q: What is transformation and why is it important to leadership? 

Transforming leadership is ultimately allowing others to increase their motivation, reach their full potentials and to inevitably become leaders themselves. A transforming leader needs to begin with some sort of insight into the motivation of the follower, and builds on it to raise the motivation and to expand the consciousness of the follower so that in the end the follower becomes a leader. This is important to leadership as it provides an active engagement of individuals to share insights and to share and learn together in order to fulfil ones potential. A  leader who can lead from personal authenticity is much more likely to get better production of individuals than one who leads from a script.

Q: What is the difference between transformation and other types of change? 

Change through transformation is more authentic, more lasting, and more sustainable. The change that comes about through transformation may be better internalized and bore from personal conviction rather than change through simple persuasion.

Q: How is your experience of transformation manifest in a personal sense and in an organizational sense?

 In a personal sense I have learned that the questions or problems that friends or family have do not always require an answer or solution. I am a ‘problem solver’ and my instinct has always been to help when needed but I have learned that by simply being a support and being a sounding board often times these individuals will come to terms with their problems on their own and be better served by doing so instead of following someone else's directions or suggestions. This spills over into my professional career and working with staff members who encounter problems. Guidance, trust, and strong relationships facilitate genuine and authentic growth as opposed to direction and coercion.

The greatest gift of leading in a transformational manner - by empowering and guiding others to come to their own solutions, is that you yourself finds great satisfaction in helping facilitate this growth in some manner but also you realize that you have grown by allowing others to grow.


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