Thursday, May 1, 2014

Leadership Philosophy

My leadership philosophy is grounded in my core values and personal characteristics; integrity, honesty, and credibility. Empowering others by building trusting relationships is paramount and allowing them the latitude to succeed (or fail) while supporting them is very important to me. Being empathetic and understanding the person as a whole and not just as an employee plays a critical role in building strong relationships. Communication that truly goes both ways allows the free flow of information, ideas, and concerns to ensure clarity and transparency.

Over my career in the same organization I have been fortunate enough to have filled several different roles and have had firsthand experiences at the entry level, mid-level supervisor, and unit manager positions. These experiences have given me the insights and knowledge of what can make our organization a success and what can hinder our growth. I have had several different direct supervisors and they of course, just as I, have had their unique strengths and weaknesses. I have taken the opportunity to observe their behaviors and I have been able to learn from them greatly. Initially I was able to observe a model on how not to lead but more recently have had the chance to view a much better example of leadership.

Leadership is an extremely difficult term to define and an even harder concept to dissect. A strong leader must not only direct and give guidance they must also invoke loyalty and inspire greatness. The variables are numerous when investigating leadership as the circumstance and context play a crucial role as well do the numerous constituents involved. Strong leaders have strong team members but strong teams may very well be a result of a strong leader

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